Fitness to Compete

The Stampede’s Fitness to Compete program ensures that only the fittest and healthiest animals compete at The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth. The thoroughbred horses in the GMC Rangeland Derby and the bucking and bovine stock in the Rodeo all receive veterinarian inspections before and after competition. If there is a health concern, the vet will withdraw the animal from the event.

A microchip implanted in every horse scheduled to compete in the GMC Rangeland Derby allows independent veterinarians to track and monitor performance, treatment, therapy and rest days.

Microchipping of Chuckwagon Horses

The Fitness to Compete program also includes:

  1. Thorough veterinarian inspections of all horses upon arrival at Stampede Park and prior to competition.
  2. Chuckwagon drivers must submit detailed inventories of horses. The horses will be subject to ongoing veterinarian inspections.
  3. Thorough pre-race inspections of all horses competing in the GMC Rangeland Derby. The list of horses must be submitted by 4 p.m. and any horse not fit to compete will be “scratched” from the race.
  4. Post-race inspections of all horses as they leave the track.
  5. Mandatory rest days for all horses. After a maximum of four consecutive race days, a horse must be given two rest days.

The Fitness to Compete program enhances the Stampede’s position as a leader in animal care.

Animal Behaviorist Jennifer Woods on the Stampede