Why is the Calgary Stampede taking questions about its animal-related events, programs and animal care policies?

We know that fewer and fewer city residents have connections and experiences with rural ranches and farms - as few as one in 50 - so we're not surprised that "urban myths" take hold. We hear common misconceptions that leave us thinking "if only you knew!" Well, we'd like to help you be "in the know!" We're excited to hear your questions - and we'll do our best to answer all of them.

Why was my question rejected?

This venue is about our animal welfare and care related to Stampede events and programming. We are focusing our efforts on giving answers to your questions and satisfying your curiosity about our events and related animal care.

Your question may be rejected if:

  1. It's not about animals or their care or participation at the Calgary Stampede.
  2. It's not a question, but a subjective comment, statement or accusation
  3. It contains profanity or is inflammatory.
  4. It directs or links readers to a website.

For more information on why a question may be rejected, please see our Posting Policy.

If your question is rejected, we invite you to try again with an animal-related question that meets our Posting Policy.

Why do I have to sign in through Facebook to ask my question?

We believe that many people are curious and have similar questions about our animal care and welfare policies and about western events. Having you sign in through Facebook helps we reach people who are also curious about the same things - and make sure more people have information and answers about our events and animal care. We are being transparent and we stand behind our answers. Putting your name and face to your questions means you are willing to do the same.

What should I do if I'm not satisfied with my answer?

We're making every effort to provide open and factual answers to your questions about our events and animal care. However, if you're not satisfied with your answer, or if it inspires you to ask another, please feel free to ask a follow-up question.