Ground Rules

This venue is about our animal welfare and care related to Stampede events and programming. We believe that's what our visitors and community want to know more about. We're focusing our efforts on giving personal answers to your questions about our events and related animal care.

We ask that your questions be short, concise and to the point, fitting into the allotted character space provided.

In general, your questions should be

  • genuine (instead of a statement/rant)
  • related to animal-related programming at the Stampede (instead of events happening elsewhere)
  • follow the generally-accepted rules of online engagement (respectful, no profanity, no accusations or abuse)

Your question may be rejected if:

  1. It's not about the Calgary Stampede.
  2. It's not a question, but a subjective comment, statement or accusation.
  3. It contains profanity or is inflammatory.
  4. It includes links or directions to websites.

For more information on why a question may be rejected, please see our Posting Policy.

If your question is rejected, we invite you to try again with an animal-related question that meets our Posting Policy.