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Animal Q&A is a venue for you to ask questions and us to answer and share our story of our policies, procedures and standards at the Calgary Stampede. We encourage open dialogue and we promise to:

  • Be thoughtful and respectful when we disagree with somebody
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We encourage our readers to do the same and we reserve the right to delete comments that don't follow the above at our discretion.

Our website managers are knowledgeable about the Calgary Stampede events and programming involving animals and will try their best to respond in a timely and accurate manner.

For specific question or concerns not related to animal care, please see the following list of resources below:

We can answer questions about our events and many general questions about rodeo, chuckwagon racing, western competitions involving animals and agriculture-related exhibitions and competitions. However, we cannot speak on behalf of other venues or events produced by others. We moderate this website with the goal of keeping it relevant and appropriate, and will not be posting questions that don't meet the outlined criteria.

In general, criteria for questions include:

  • It is a question (instead of a statement/rant)?
  • Is this related to animal care?
  • Is this related to animal-related programming at the Stampede (instead of events happening elsewhere)?
  • Is this respectful of the generally-accepted rules of online engagement (respectful, no profanity, no accusations or abuse)

Your question may be rejected if:

  1. It's not about animal care or programs of the Calgary Stampede.
  2. It's not a question, but a subjective comment, statement or accusation.
  3. It contains profanity or content that could be offensive to other readers.
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We look forward to the conversation.