Volunteer Committees


Provides the Calgary regional 4-H Clubs with facilities and professional advice for the production of shows and programs throughout the year. These events include one of the largest 4-H shows in Canada held every June, as well as a rodeo event and a public speaking event.

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4-H Rodeo

Agriculture Education

Organizes and hosts Aggie Days, an agriculture education program targeted at elementary aged children and families. Working with agriculture industry partners the program integrates provincial education curriculum into the presentations. It hosts school visitations over a three day period, followed by a two day family event for the community. The purpose of the program is to create an awareness and appreciation for agriculture as it relates to our daily lives and to provide an interactive, all-senses experience for students, educators and the public.

Agriculture Media

The purpose of the Agriculture Media committee is to feature or promote the Calgary Stampede’s Agriculture Programming through the various media channels for the 10 days of Stampede. They accomplish this by acting as liaison between the media and agriculture committees. They also coach agriculture committees in the art of communicating with the media.

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Ag-tivity in the City

The purpose of this committee is to educate and entertain the public during the 10 days of Stampede in enjoyable and exciting manner through a wide variety of agricultural activities, industry displays and demonstrations. The ‘Discovery Centre’ provides a venue for Alberta agriculture partners to showcase their industry and features food production, safety and nutrition as well as environmental initiatives, in a highly interactive and entertaining atmosphere.

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Beef Cattle

Primary purpose is to promote the beef cattle industry through educational displays and hosting events that connect producers with producers and help to bring a relevant message of beef productions to the consumer. The Beef Cattle Committee enhances the value of purebred cattle through the presentation and marketing of beef genetics.

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Blacksmith Competition

The Blacksmith committee is dedicated to advancing and promoting the art of blacksmithing. It does so through several annual events: The Canadian Horseshoeing Championships (an event that develops and showcases Canadian blacksmiths in a competitive environment), the World Championship Blacksmiths’ Competition (held during the Calgary Stampede each July, this event attracts the best blacksmiths in the world) and the Metal Art Showcase (highlighting the artistic elements of the blacksmith trade).

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Caravan (Stampede Breakfasts)

The committee takes the Stampede “flavour” to regional shopping centres where some 14 “shows” are presented, consisting of breakfast for 5,000+ people, live entertainment, pony and hay rides and a petting zoo. The committee also oversees the Family Breakfast and the Queens’ Alumni breakfast for special needs children. Caravan operates year-round providing breakfasts at special promotional and community events.

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This iconic event Committee plans and conducts the nightly GMC Rangeland Derby during the annual ten day show, as well as the chuckwagon canvas auction held each spring. The Committee is very active in community outreach and in promoting the sport of chuckwagon racing year-round.

Community Projects and Development

The Community Development Committee identifies, develops, coordinates, and executes initiatives aimed at engaging external community groups and targeted audiences to grow the Stampede brand.

Concessions & Exhibits

The Concessions and Exhibits committee promotes a high degree of attractiveness and cleanliness of Stampede Park and the concessions and exhibits booths during Stampede, using a publicized reward program.

Corporate Relations

The committee is responsible for defining, producing and executing the current Stampede sponsor events including the President’s Rodeo, Stockmen’s Cattle Drive, and a Sponsor’s Luncheon. The committee assists with fostering relationships in collaboration with the Sponsorship Department, the Calgary Stampede Foundation, and the Calgary Stampede Board of Directors by defining, producing and executing networking programs and events, and by engaging current and future partners in a first class manner representative of the Calgary Stampede and its western heritage and values.

Courtesy Car

The Courtesy Car committee is responsible for coordination arrangements for transporting VIP’s and special guests between Stampede Park, hotels and airport, as well as assisting with special appearances throughout the community by visiting dignitaries. The committee schedules a crew of drivers to handle driving duties as required between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. daily.

Dairy Cattle

Main purpose is to support the business of purebred dairy cattle production through the organization of the Calgary Stampede Dairy Classic. This show takes place in the spring each year and involves shows and a sale from two major dairy breeds.

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Downtown Attractions

DTA is responsible for a lot of off Park attractions such as the chuck wagon breakfasts, Stephen Avenue Mall activities, square dancing, rope square, Indian parades, old time rigs, fantasy heads and organizing the visiting marching bands as well as our Stampede Band for demonstrations at rope square.

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Draft Horse Town

Farm Equipment

Coordinates an antique tractor pull competition each year during Stampede and works with other committees on special displays for other events throughout the year.

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Grandstand Show

The primary purpose is to organize and support all aspects of the evening Grandstand Show, the Young Canadians School and outside appearances, in conjunction with Avery Productions. The committee also provides stage tours and hosting services for special guests to the Eye in the Sky.

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Heavy Horse Pull

This committee coordinates the heavy horse pull competition during the Calgary Stampede, which also includes an auction element, where by companies or individuals are able to buy advertising on a team for the annual event.

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Heavy Horse Show

Present, judge and demonstrate Heavy Horse breeds during the Calgary Stampede including the World Championship Six Horse Hitch competition; work with other programs to support information around heavy horses during the year.

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The Historical committee preserves, presents and promotes the history of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede and its affiliates, from the inception of the organization in 1884 to present day.

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Indian Events

The committee is responsible for the coordination of all the activities at Indian Village during Stampede, where the Tsuu T’ina, Stoney Nakoda, Kainai, Piikani and Siksika nations raise their teepees and re-enact life as it once was by opening their teepees for visits and demonstrating dancing, games, cooking and handicrafts.

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International Livestock Auctioneers

Each Stampede, conducts the International Livestock Auctioneers Championships in partnership with a local auction markets. The finals are held on Stampede Park.

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International Youth Livestock

This committee provides a developmental opportunity for youth to showcase their livestock as well as their personal and professional talents as contributing members within the livestock industry.

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International Agriculture and Agri-Foods

This committee provides a venue and events that foster business relationships in the agriculture industry and provide international guests the ability to make business contacts in and around Alberta.

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Kids’ Day Breakfast

Major function is to organize the Kids’ Day Breakfast, a free attraction in the grandstand during Stampede. Approximately 15,000 children and their parents are fed a pancake breakfast followed by a stage show incorporating rodeo events, grandstand entertainers and prizes.

Light Horse

Primary purpose is to present, promote and demonstrate the diversity of Light Horse Breeds of Alberta during the Calgary Stampede. Presentations include educational seminars, on site displays in a unique “old western” town setting named “Horse Haven”, as well as a parade of breeds in a showcase performance.

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The committee negotiates contract agreements and coordinates with local service clubs, to hold the on-park sale of lottery tickets for the Rotary Club Dream Home, Lion’s Lucky Loot and Kinsmen Wheels during Stampede time as well as coordinating the 50/50 draws with the Band Parents’ Association.

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Miniature Donkey

This committee promotes the miniature donkey industry through a showcase presentation format during the Calgary Stampede.

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Miniature Horse

This committee promotes the show and sale of the miniature horses during the Calgary Stampede. The Canadian National Champions are named at this event.

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Next Generation

This committee works to attract and engage the next generation of audiences as patrons, supporters and volunteers of the Calgary Stampede. They assist the organization in leveraging emerging and non-traditional promotions, marketing, social-media, and on-line tools to promote the CS brand and events. They work to effectively reach new and younger audiences with Stampede messages.


Organizes and produces the annual Stampede Parade which kicks off the 10 days of Stampede. The Parade committee provides the marshaling requirements along the parade route and liaises with participants and others involved, i.e. Media, IP, float entries, etc.

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This year-round committee supports and promotes the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede both locally and abroad by promoting western values and heritage and creating awareness of the Stampede. Some of the valuable components of this energetic committee are the Stampede Stages, the CES Mascot - "Harry the Horse", the Parade Show Wagon, line dancers, western performers and ropers.

Public Art

This committee guides the Public Art program that will create up to 10 heroic-sized bronze sculptures to be located on Stampede Park and around the city of Calgary. The committee will facilitate a collaborative public process to promote and fund public art projects that will be located across the city.

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Queen's Alumni

The Queen’s Alumni committee is comprised of former Royal Trios who organize several unique events for challenged young children so that they can participate in a simulated western experience especially geared for them.

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Provides hosts for Rotary House and the Volunteer’s Lounge during Stampede. Duties involve greeting guests, making them comfortable and welcome, getting drinks, cleaning tables and other hosting duties.


Plan and present the Rodeo held during Stampede of each year as well as the Canadian Rodeo Tour Championship in the Fall of each year.


The Royalty Committee will preserve western heritage, cultures and community spirit on behalf of the Calgary Stampede through a sustainable development program of three young women who embody, promote and share these traditions. Internal and external community relationships will be established and strengthened through collaborative initiatives, public interaction and program sponsorship.

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The programs of this group showcase the diversity of opportunities within the sheep industry: promote the purebred sheep business through the Calgary Stampede Sheep show; to promote the wool and shearing industry through a sheep-shearing contest; and to promote the sport of stock dog trialing through the stock dog competition held during Stampede time as well as the Rodeo Royal stock dog trials.

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Stampede Band

The Calgary Stampede Band committee promotes Western Heritage & Values by providing a world class musical, educational and performing experience for the youth of Calgary and Southern Alberta, by planning and managing all activities of the “Calgary Stampede Show Band”.

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Stampede Talent Search

Purpose is to showcase and develop the skills of young people in performing arts in southern Alberta. The committee stage auditions to select contestants prior to Stampede and hosts shows culminating in the selection of the Stampede Talent Search winner.

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Steer Classic

Hosting the “Stampede Steer Classic” during the Calgary Stampede, this event showcases the commercial side of the beef industry and also includes a carcass competition, providing a relevant message to consumers in regards to beef production.

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Work in liaison with the agriculture information focused committees to provide information and awareness on the pork industry in Alberta.

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Visiting Bands

Primary function is to provide accommodation, meals and transportation for visiting bands who participate in the Stampede Parade. In addition, they also coordinate the appearances and escort all bands throughout the city during the ten days of Stampede. The committee also sponsors and stages the competition for Marching Show Bands held in the Saddledome on Tuesday of Stampede as part of the free attraction package.

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Western Legacy Awards

To promote the Calgary Stampede brand by recognizing people and groups in our community who exemplify the Stampede’s Western Heritage and Values: “Pride of Place”; “Western Hospitality”; “Commitment to Community”; and “Integrity”.

Western Performance Horse

Purpose is to promote western sport horse events, including the Team Cattle Penning, Cutting Horse and Working Cow Horse competitions during both Stampede time and throughout the year.

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Western Showcase

The Western Showcase committee hosts competitions and showcases exhibits depicting our Western Lifestyle. The exhibits include: arts and crafts, floral artistry displays, kitchen theatre demonstrations, artisan booths, and the Western Art Show which features the Western Art Gallery, Western Art Sales Salon, the High School Art Exhibit (Scholarship Award) and the Western Art Auction.

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