Connecting Urban with Rural Ranch Roots

The third principle of developing the OH Ranch is to engage urban and rural audiences in new and meaningful ways.

Starting in the Fall of 2014, OH Ranch will be welcoming a limited number of students for day trip learning experiences, a program developed to achieve learning outcomes that meet Alberta’s curriculum for Grade Five students. Learn MORE on this program. (link to Experience Education at the OH Ranch subpage)

As it evolves, the OH Ranch will become an important place for volunteers, partners, employees and communities to connect and build deeper understandings of our historical ties to agriculture and its importance in the world. As the Stampede carefully establishes the property as an authentic working cattle ranch, the OH Ranch is not available for sightseeing tours or public programs.

It's our goal that the OH Ranch becomes a visible reminder of the Stampede's unique ability to create experiences that bring people together and build understanding, based upon the firm foundations of an authentic working ranch that showcases best practices in animal care, land and ecosystem management.