Page 4 - Calgary Stampede Strategic Plan 2016-2018
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The Calgary Stampede has existed as an iconic symbol of volunteerism, community spirit and western values for more than 100 years. We’ve been tested by droughts, floods, recessions, two World Wars and even the Great Depression. We have become a calling card for our great city and a gathering place for the community.
We are a place and an ideal where dedicated volunteers and employees work hard to welcome neighbours and guests. Our ever-changing community is brought together by the Stampede, and the Stampede evolves with that community. Our values are still the same ones that have defined who we are, and we have nurtured those values to grow relevant connections with our community.
We’re Greatest Together expresses our commitment to the spirit of western heritage while at the same time is inclusive of other traditions like those of our Treaty 7 partners and those of new Albertans. It recognizes the unique can-do spirit of Calgarians and Albertans to make things happen in and for our community.
Our 2016-2018 Strategic Plan makes the Stampede’s connection with our community explicit. The work that the Stampede does is aimed at providing a benefit to the community now and into the future. We truly are greatest together.
Bill Gray, President and Chairman of the Board Warren Connell, Chief Executive Officer January 2016

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