Page 5 - Calgary Stampede Strategic Plan 2016-2018
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At the heart of the 2016 - 2018 Strategic Plan is our desire to achieve meaningful impacts through five strategic objectives and arrive at the following outcomes by 2018.
Aligning With Our Community
Connecting Through Our Brand Promise
Supporting Youth Achievement In Our Community
Building Our Vision Building Our Team
The Stampede’s brand values reflect the values of our community through the ambassadors we activate, the advocates we engage, the relationships we build and the partnerships we form.
The Calgary Stampede is a broader experience for our community with both new and expanded urban and rural programming. The annual Stampede and our year-round community celebrations reflect our agricultural roots, western values, and the cultural identity of Calgarians.
Our core existing youth programs, aligned within a unified organizational structure, deliver sought-after learning experiences, engage our diverse communities, and build capacity through resource sharing and philanthropic investment.
ENMAX Park, the TransAlta Centre, Calgary Arts Academy, BMO Amphitheatre and Walton Hall are activated through our community engagement programs. We are supported by our community for the future development of the BMO Centre, Ramsay Exchange and Trailblazer lands.
Our community, our volunteers and our employees recognize the Stampede as a unified organization that delivers enriched value through enhanced engagement, transparency, trust and professionalism.

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