June 25, 8:00am

To all volunteers:

We've had a couple of days to assess the state of Stampede Park, to regroup and to come to terms with all that has happened in our great city. We know some of you have been evacuated from your homes and have experienced flood damage. We know almost all of you have been impacted in some way whether it be hosting evacuees, being unable to get to work or spending extra time on clogged roads. And despite these challenges, you are keen to pitch in and do whatever it takes to get ready for Stampede 101. Your energy and enthusiasm in the face of adversity is humbling.

Unfortunately, we still don't have the approval we need to allow general access to Stampede Park. Access is still restricted to those trained in accordance with health, safety and environmental regulations and working on restoration activities. We will let you know as soon as we receive permission for you to come back to the Park. We are hoping to receive permission as early as Wednesday and the moment we do we will be in touch with volunteer committee chairs to activate your efforts.

In the interim, we continue to appreciate your patience and admire the work you are doing in the broader community. I received an email today that told me about 160 of our volunteers from several committees along with their friends had helped out at the Southland Leisure Centre Reception Centre over the past few days. It's easy for president Bob and me to be proud of all of you.

If you didn't see the media conference today with president and chairman of the board Bob Thompson and me, you can read our notes on our website to learn about our plans for Stampede 101.



June 25, 8:00am

To all employees,

We've had a couple of days to assess the state of Stampede Park, regroup and come to terms with all that has happened to our great city. We know that some of you have been displaced from your homes and may have suffered flood damage. We know almost all of you have been impacted in some way whether it be hosting evacuees, being unable to get to work or spending extra time on clogged roads.

We want you to do whatever is necessary to take care of yourself and your family. Please notify your direct supervisor if you are going to be absent from work because of a flood-related issue.

I would particularly like to thank those employees who have been going above and beyond to help us recover from the flooding and for making the Park a safe place for everyone. To those of you who don't yet have a workspace and haven't been called back to work, thank you for your patience.

You may have some questions, so People Services has set up the following email:

If you didn't see the media conference today with president and chairman of the board Bob Thompson and me, you can read our notes on our website to learn about our plans for Stampede 101.

And we're keeping key updates on our website at www.calgarystampede.com/waterissue.



June 23, 8:00pm


You are going to be part of the amazing team working on Stampede 101. Here are the instructions for a partial return to work on Monday, June 24:

Only full time employees or those part-time employees with confirmed, scheduled shifts in the following departments are asked to return to work on Monday. These people are asked to report to the locations indicated:

  • Park and Facility Services - Park and Facility Building
  • Food and Beverage - Commissary
  • Sales and Event Management - BMO Centre
  • Venue Services - BMO Centre
  • Premium Seating - BMO Centre
  • Security - Park and Facility Services

If your work location is NOT listed, please do not return to Stampede Park at this time, unless otherwise directly instructed by your supervisor. Those not returning to Stampede Park on Monday are asked to await further instructions in the coming days.

The single point of access to Stampede Park is through Olympic Gate. Employee parking is in Lot 20, immediately north of Stampede Headquarters on Olympic Way and 14 Avenue SE.

If your department is on the above approved list to return tomorrow, please follow these instructions for the safety of all those involved with our recovery efforts:

  • Please go directly to your approved work location.
  • Please do NOT walk elsewhere on site. Recovery efforts are underway and we need to minimize any unnecessary foot traffic on site for reasons of safety.
  • Be sure to bring your nametag and/or personal identification, as it will be required for access. There is a checkpoint at 12th Avenue to access Lot 20 and the Park.
  • Bring medications, jackets or sweaters and anything that you may need for your entire day of work, as services in our surrounding neighborhoods may not be accessible.
  • Complimentary lunch and dinner are available at the Corral on Monday through Wednesday of this week. We are providing much-needed energy to our Stampede team.
  • For information on transportation disruptions throughout the city, please refer to the city's website. Please factor traffic/transit disruptions into your commute time.

All employees are asked to monitor www.calgarystampede.com/waterissue for updates and additional information in the coming days.


Stampede-time employee orientation that had been schedule for Monday is postponed. Watch the website for further updates.


June 22, 7:00pm

The Elbow River is receding and water levels on Stampede Park are dropping - Yahoo!

Our priorities are preventing the Elbow River's flow into the infield and pumping out the infield and facilities that are under water.

Work has also begun on cleaning up certain buildings including BMO Centre, Corral, Boyce Theatre, Casino and the Rotary House.

When the water recedes more, we will get into other areas (such as the Grandstand and Big Four and our administrative buildings) and put plans in place for their restoration/repair.

Access to Stampede Park is limited to those involved in the recovery effort.

We're continuing to work hard to deliver Stampede 101.

Thank you for your support.


June 21, 6:00pm


Stampede email systems are back on-line. 


June 21, 1:00pm


Please continue to look after yourself and your families. Only key operations employees are required at this time. There is no Park access at present time, and will not be for a few days. 

If you were scheduled to work Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you will still be paid. 

Seasonal employee orientations are being rescheduled.

When you return to work we will all pitch in to help in all ways possible. You will be part of a big team effort to deliver Stampede 2013. 

Please continue to monitor this page for information updates as well as our official Calgary Stampede accounts on Facebook and Twitter


June 21, 10:00am

Our thoughts are with the families of all Albertans - including our volunteers and employees - who have been affected by the flooding.

Once again Stampede volunteers and employees have come together to help where needed. Our overnight call for volunteers to help at the City's reception centres was met with great response and we thank you for your efforts. Any other Stampede volunteers or employees who want to help should email our temporary volunteer services email address at csvolunteerservices@gmail.com, indicating availability and part of the city you can access.

At Stampede Park we are currently focused on dealing with the immediate effects of flooding on our site and buildings. We will provide a future update on how volunteers and employees can help with Stampede Park recovery efforts. At this time volunteers are not required on Park. As soon as flood conditions subside, our volunteer and employee teams will be working hard to create and deliver the Calgary Stampede on July 5-14 as scheduled.

Our email systems are currently down and we will provide updates on this page (www.calgarystampede.com/waterissue) and our social media channels when available.

Events and Bookings on Stampede Park

Flood conditions are disrupting many plans in the city, including those of our clients who have events scheduled on our Park. Events and meetings scheduled for our Park from Friday, June 21, through Sunday, June 23 are cancelled. Over the weekend, we will be assessing our facilities and Stampede personnel will be contacting event organizers who have meetings or events scheduled for next week.

June 21, 7:30am

  • Given the flooding on Park and the effects on the city, no employees other than key staff will be expected at Stampede Park on Friday.
  • Employees already involved in response efforts should take direction from their supervisors for work shifts.
  • Any employees coming to the Park must report to Park & Facilities. 


June 21, 2013 - 12:00am

  • The river continues to rise but so far no flooding has occurred. 
  • The City has advised us that the Glenmore Dam has been crested and increasing amounts of water will arrive from now until 6 a.m.
  • We are ensuring that our people are safe. We have no animals on Park at this time. 
  • We are prioritizing the protection of buildings and assets.
  • More updates to follow in the morning. 


June 20, 2013 - 6pm

  • The Calgary Stampede is a key stakeholder in the City of Calgary's emergency response centre. We have activated our Emergency Management System at the Calgary Stampede.
  • Our Park is in an identified flood plain and we anticipate being impacted by rising waters, if and when the rivers rise overnight and in the coming 36 hour period.
  • We have the potential of water flowing into certain low-lying areas of our Park. That may impact Park access for up to 36 hours. Parking conditions may be poor or limited due to standing water. Access to the Park may be limited or restricted due to road and bridge closures in the area.
  • Power at Stampede Park may be interrupted during this period in various areas of our site.
  • Our staff members are already preparing our site by removing assets from low ground and deploying sandbags and sand-sacks.
  • We hope to minimize any discomfort or inconvenience caused by these events to our guests, staff, volunteers and many community stakeholders.
  • The Park is being used as a staging area for City of Calgary and emergency services vehicles and equipment. For details around the city’s response, please check official city information sources: www.calgary.ca or  https://twitter.com/cityofcalgary.

For updated information as this issue progresses, please check back here.