b'10 Calgary Stampede 2022 Report to the CommunityStampede and BMO celebrate pride in Nashville North.2022 Pride ParadeClick the button below to watch the Calgary Stampede at the Pride ParadeWATCH VIDEOSharing Our PrideAs an organization that exists for the benefit of the community, inclusion and equity are woven into our core values of western hospitality, pride of place, integrity and commitment to the community. We know that blending diverse cultures with our long-standing traditions makes community spirit thrive.In 2022, Pride Day at Nashville North returned on the first Saturday of Stampede in celebration of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. All guests were treated to cheeky name tags, Calgary Stampede rainbow boot stickers, and entertaining drag performances. The Western Trailblazer Award presented by BMO, given to a member of the southern Alberta community for their contribution to the 2SLGBTQ+ community,was presented to Anna Murphy, who is tireless in her work advocatingfor the visibility of the transgender community, as well as the importance of public service. The Calgary Stampede was also proud to once again participate in the 2022 Pride Parade on September 4, which saw volunteers and employees in full force, flying their colours and sharing their community spirit. Celebrating Western Trailblazer Award winner, Anna Murphy!'