b'16 Calgary Stampede 2022 Report to the CommunityHands-on learning at OH Ranch. 933 STUDENTSvisited the OHRanch Education ProgramTeaching Beyond the ClassroomStampede School continued to share an immersive educational experienceranch, located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Reachingfor many young Albertans in grades 1-12, who learned about history,40 classes and 933 students, the OH Ranch Education program engaged agriculture, Indigenous traditions and cultures, and western heritage andand empowered students to think deeper, develop connections to their values. In 2022, we hosted 24 classes, which totaled 622 students. community and understand their impact on the world around them.With restrictions still in place in early 2022, Stampede School got creativeClosing out the year, grade one students got a hands-on experience, and hit the road, bringing its experience to two Calgary schools that gotdigging their boots into the dirt in the Nutrien Western Event Centre, to experience goats in the school yard, a blacksmith in the parking lot, andlearning what it feels like for horses and rodeo contestants. They also an Elder on the smartboard. caught a glimpse of the future 2023 Calgary Stampede Royalty, as Spring 2022 also saw the full return of the OH Ranch Education program.contestants rode their horses, preparing for the final night of their One of Albertas most historic properties, under the stewarship of thecompetition. The students ended their day learning about theCalgary Stampede, the OH Ranch remains an authentic working cattleRoyalty Program, meeting the contestants and petting their horses.Stampede School students learning about cattle. Hands on with horses at Stampede School.'