b'Calgary Stampede132022 Report to the CommunityOur world-class gathering place wouldnt be complete without exceptional youth programming, helping to build strong youth for a stronger community. Stampede Showband Shines Brightly at Drum Corps International It was the adventure of a lifetime for the Calgary Stampede Showband as they travelled nearly 3,000 kilometres to compete at Drum Corps International (DCI) World Championships in Marion, Indianapolis in August. Our 140-member marching band performed in the open class final, earning a banner as International Class Champions. This was the first time the Showband has travelled or competed since 2019 and their first time, ever, competing at Drum Corps, one of the most prestigious stages for marching arts competition.You come to the Cowboys Rangeland Derby and watch the chuckwagon racing, for example, and its the best of the best, said Robin Fulbrook, Team Lead, Youth Performance. Thats what DCI is in the marching band Stampede Showband reps Community Spirit at Drum Corps International. world. To be competing on that level is mind-blowing for our musicians, and they all left the competition as better people because of it.Stampede Showriders Honoured Through ArtPart of the Calgary Stampede since 1985, the Stampede Showridersare one of the most distinguished young equestrian groups inNorth America. The team of 10 Showriders shared their horsemanship and western flair at more than 50 events across southern Alberta this past year, including daily performances during The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. The team ended on a thrilling note in 2022 with news that the 2023 Stampede Poster features three Showriders in their distinctive western uniforms, performing their unique musical ride upon their horses. 2022 Calgary Stampede Showriders.50 EVENTSattended by a team of 10 ShowridersStampede Showriders kick-off the Calgary Stampede Rodeo.'