b'14 Calgary Stampede 2022 Report to the CommunityThe 2022 Stampede PosterShowcasing the Spirit of Competition Showcasing the spirit of competition, with a nod to the Stampedes proudBrandon Flock Foundation. The Brandon Flock Foundation provides an and longstanding relationship with Indigenous peoples, the 2022 Calgaryadditional $10,000 in scholarships to the top eight in the competition Stampede Poster features the fierce determination and competitive spiritannually. As part of the Calgary Stampedes commitment to youth of the Relay Races. The winning artwork in the 2022 Calgary Stampedeachievement, the Youth Poster Competition has provided mentorship to Foundation Youth Poster Competition is the work of 19-year-old Kaneyoung artists since the program was created in 2018. Kane Pendry is the Pendry of Edmonton and features Relay Racer, Kal Jackson.fourth Alberta youth whose artwork has graced the Stampede Poster As the winning artist of the Youth Poster Competition, Pendry receivedthrough the program.the $10,000 Dustin Peers Memorial Scholarship, generously funded by the Relay Racer, Kal Jackson poses with 2022 Poster Artist, Kane Pendry.All Aboard with The Young CanadiansThe Young Canadians worked hard in 2022 and received performance opportunities through their Optimist Fest, Winter Showcase, Community Celebration, Spring Show and Bell Grandstand Show performances.The team also graced the Jubilee Auditorium stage in the spring for a production aptly named All Aboard for Broadway! The production showcased performances by the junior, intermediate and senior companies of the Young Canadians School of Performing Arts, with performers ranging in age from nine to 18. This was the Young Canadians first spring production since 2019 and was choreographed, produced and developed in just seven weeks. Pandemic restrictions kept the school from training in January, making putting together this high-quality show in such a short time a remarkable accomplishment!Young Canadians Spring Show: All Aboard for Broadway.'