The Stampede Ranch has been home to the Calgary Stampede’s world renowned Born to Buck breeding program and stock contracting business since 1961. The program was created when the Stampede identified the need for highly skilled equine athletes that could match the talents of the competing cowboys. Today, the Calgary Stampede is recognized as the only rodeo that runs its own stock contracting business, and Stampede bucking horses are recognized as some of the best, high scoring, and most consistent in the rodeo industry.

Stampede Ranch: By the Numbers

  • 1961The year the Stampede Ranch Born to Buck program was created
  • 500horses at the Stampede ranch
  • 23,000Acres of natural, open grassland at the Stampede Ranch
  • 10-15Maximum number of times a Stampede bucking horse will compete each year

Calgary Stampede bucking horses enjoy a natural herd environment, grazing the 23,000 acres of grassland at the Stampede Ranch. In addition to free-range grass, they are fed a supplementary diet of oats and hay. As part of their natural herd social dynamics, they share their pastureland and the creek that runs through it with species indigenous to the area, such as white tail and mule deer, pronghorn antelope, and many species of birds and small mammals.

Of the roughly 500 horses that call the Stampede Ranch home, approximately 200 actively compete in rodeos throughout the year. The best-of-the-best travel across North America to the largest rodeos in the industry. Each horse will compete just 10-15 times a year, receiving the same elite level of care and attention on the road as they would at home. Rodeo competitors know when they draw a Calgary Stampede horse, they’re going to get a great ride!

Calgary Stampede Bucking Horses – What’s in a Name?

You may notice the Calgary Stampede’s bucking horses have interesting names. From Tiger Warrior to Xplosive Skies, Wild Cherry to Agent Lynx, we get creative! But these names also follow a very specific naming convention based on two criteria: the year they are born, and their incredible bloodlines through their dam, or mother’s, name. Each year, a letter of the alphabet is selected and all Stampede horses born in that year will have names starting with that letter. The horses also have a connection to their mother’s name. For example, Tiger Warrior was born to a horse called Fearless Warrior, and Agent Lynx, from Lynx Mountain – you get the idea!