Journey 2050

A program of the Calgary Stampede, Journey 2050 takes students on a virtual simulation exploring world food sustainability, while engaging and empowering students to think deeper and understand their impact on the world around them. Journey 2050 is a free educational experience for grades 7-9, experienced virtually or in-person through our field school and guest speaking opportunities.


“ The Journey 2050 field school enhanced my knowledge of what could happen in 2050. I know that we should always be careful of what we do and consider how it will impact our lives and the world.” – Participating Student

“ We had the pleasure of having an in classroom virtual field trip. We were so excited to work together and provide ideas which allowed our entire day to be tailored to the specific learning objectives related to our Grade Five curriculum (i.e. sustainability, asking good questions, etc.). Finding ways to engage children in a new and authentic way was provided through the Journey 2050 program and the Calgary Stampede. Thank you" - Tasha Royer, Grade 5 Teacher

“ The staff was incredibly accommodating, got back with my questions right away, and it was a really cool experience for the kids. The kids loved the game, they really loved the live meets, and being able to ask questions to a professional in that field was really exciting for them. They liked the idea of going on a virtual field trip… It was awesome and if I was in this position next year I would for sure do it again.” - Jodie Bhavnani, Grade 7 teacher

“ From the booking, to the reminder emails, pre-activities and the organization of the day itself. Everything met or exceeded my expectations.” – Participating Teacher

“ This program did a good job of helping the students to understand sustainability. They were enthusiastic about competing in the games, and it made a lasting memory for them about some of the important practices necessary to take care of the Earth and responsibly grow food.” – Participating Teacher | 403.261.0252

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