Posters Distributed Annually


in Educational Scholarships


the first year the poster tradition began


  • Contestants must be Alberta residents aged 15-24.

  • All 2D Mediums welcome.


  • The top 30 artists will have a unique opportunity to learn and elevate their skills at a Masterclass Workshop taught by experienced local artists.

  • The top 8 artists will refine their skills through one-on-one mentorship and artistic development coaching to help their poster vision come to life.

  • Finalists will also learn about The Calgary Stampede through a variety of inspiring experiences, highlighting western hospitality, inclusivity, culture and community spirit.


  • First Place: A once in a lifetime experience showcasing your art as the Calgary Stampede Poster Artist. You will also receive:

    • A $10,000 scholarship

    • The opportunity to ride in the iconic Calgary Stampede Parade as the Ambassador of the program

    • Invitations to special events

    • The chance for public speaking engagements to a variety of audiences

    • Television appearances and interviews with local media

  • Second Place: $5,000 scholarship

  • Third Place: $2,500 scholarship

  • Places Four through Eight: $500 educational funding

  • Top Eight: Free art supplies

The Dustin Peers Memorial Scholarship is generously funded through the Brandon Flock Foundation.