The Calgary Stampede Foundation currently supports the following Scholarships:

International Youth Livestock Scholarship

Created to showcase youth in agriculture, contenders must compete in five different components to be eligible and be enrolled in the ‘Summer Synergies’ program. The components are: marketing, conformation with animals, showmanship, team judging and multi-judging.

Bill Collins Youth Excellence Scholarship

Created to fund our youth cutting horse class awards, while simultaneously recognizing Bill Collins for his outstanding accomplishments. This scholarship creates a lasting legacy for Bill’s achievements in the equine industry. This fund has been in place for 5 years and was a sense of pride by Bill and his wife Pearl.

Junior Steer Classic Scholarship

Created as part of the Junior Steer Champion Auction, post-secondary scholarships are rewarded to the grand champion and reserve champion.

Grade 12 Western Art Scholarship

Students in Grade 12 are invited to enter Western themed artwork. Winners may use scholarships for post-secondary education in the field of their choice. Three scholarships are awarded to students attending High school within the City of Calgary and three scholarships are awarded to students attending High School in Southern Alberta.

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