LaVonne Walt, Executive Vice-President – Communications and Volunteer Services & Corporate Secretary

LaVonne joined the Stampede in 2012 and became Vice-President, Volunteer Services, Communications & Corporate Secretary in 2018. She was first appointed as an officer of the organization by the Calgary Stampede board of directors in March 2015.

In addition to providing executive leadership to the Stampede’s Volunteer Services and Corporate Communications teams, she is also responsible for ensuring the integrity of the organization’s governance framework, ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and facilitating the implementation of decisions made by the CEO and the Board of Directors.

LaVonne has a Master’s Degree in Communications and Technology from the University of Alberta. She currently sits on the Stampede Casino (GP) Ltd. Board of Directors, is co-executive lead for the Stampede’s Governance & People and Strategy Committees and is the executive lead for the Stampede’s Nominating & Shareholder Relations Committee.

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