Heather Lawrence Thomas

Dance Instructor

As a second generation dance teacher and studio owner (season 41), Heather has been teaching dance for over four decades and has transformed the lives of countless students bringing her teaching experience to her classes and adjudications.

After completing her education, Heather began teaching dance and quickly realized her love for passing on her knowledge to others. Her infectiously positive attitude, combined with her expertise, makes her classes fun and dynamic, while still challenging and inspiring her students. Heather began her training in England at the age of three and hasn’t stopped learning since. As she believes we all have something to learn from everyone we come across. Continuing our education with open minds gives us the opportunity to broaden our views on new dance styles, adaptations of genres and the creative process that others visualize.

Heather is educated in Al Gilbert, ADAPT (Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers), RAD (Royal Academy of Dancing), BATD (British Association Teachers of Dance), Alixa Flexibility and AA (Acrobatic Arts/Acro, Baton, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks syllabuses. Over the years she has had the opportunity to train with leading Teachers, Choreographers and true Masters in the art of dance around the world.

She has had the opportunity to travel the globe presenting the Acrobatic Arts Modules One and Two teacher certification courses to fellow dance educators. All the while conducting examinations for students through the 12 grades in the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus.

Ms. Thomas is deeply passionate about the art of dance and truly enjoys sharing her knowledge with her students. Many have in turn gone on to have professional careers in the performing arts world. From Cruise Ships to Las Vegas Stages and Music Videos to Standup Comedy! The list is endless.

What really warms Heather’s heart is that so many of her students have gone on to be exceptional dance teachers and studio owners. Nothing could make her more proud than seeing the world of dance continue to grow and prosper with her guidance.

Heather’s effective leadership skills have enabled her to manage her staff and instructors effectively, ensuring that they uphold high-quality standards in teaching. Her keen eye for talent has helped her to recruit the best instructors and ensure that her students receive the best education and training possible.

Her dedication to her passion, expertise, and effective leadership skills have been essential in creating a thriving dance studio business that not only provides high-quality dance education but also fosters a sense of community and belonging.

Included in her busy schedule Heather always finds time to adjudicate at dance festivals and competitions around the world. This gives Heather the opportunity not only to experience and appreciate performances by amazing advanced/pre professional dancers. But also a chance to offer encouragement to up and coming future stars of dance, our “Stars of Tomorrow”.

Heather is excited to be part of this wonderful team.