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The Stampede Public Art committee creates inspired spaces and exceptional experiences by assisting in the development of Public Art within Stampede Park. The committee is responsible for creating a set of criteria for public art in the development of year-round gathering places that will engage Calgarians and tourists alike.

The committee is responsible for the stewardship of the Stampede’s art collection and may, from time to time with Board approval, encourage off-park public art initiatives with community partners.

The Board approves and may change the committee’s mandate, structure and composition from time to time.

Specific Activities

  • Reviewing and recommending public art components of Stampede Park development projects, including those identified by the Stampede’s Master Plan.

  • Supporting the Calgary Stampede Park development vision, to review and approve all Public Art components including planning, design, fabrication, placement, installation, maintenance, and conservation of the Public Art collection.

  • Act as the primary contact for all volunteer committees, staff and executive for the placement of all new and existing artwork throughout the Park including all buildings.

  • Liaise with the Stampede archivist in reviewing and evaluating art intended to be a gift to the Calgary Stampede, as part of the Collections Management Policy.

  • Administrate “calls for artists,” public art competitions (e.g. open competitions, limited competitions, direct selection, etc.), and artist selection.

  • Promote and facilitate a collaborative public art process that encourages the integration of new installations with surrounding sites.

  • Maintain up to date records and inventory of public art on and off Stampede Park.

  • Ensure that Stampede Park standards are maintained and curatorial responsibilities are fulfilled including maintenance, protection, communications, promotion, etc.

  • Develop and maintain Art Walk and Public Art website.

  • Liaise with the CSF, the CES, City of Calgary and Corporate Calgary on potential future partnerships.

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