James Marshall

Big Four Building Courtyard



About the Installation

This fountain was built as a tribute to the dedicated volunteers of the Calgary Stampede. It is their tireless work through numerous committees and community spirit that enables us to maintain the many programs of the Stampede including those devoted to youth and to the preservation of our western heritage. These programs are an integral part of the Stampede commitment to the citizens of Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Did You Know?

  • The Calgary Stampede has over 3,000 year-round volunteers contributing leadership, time and energy to organize events and activities

  • Stampede shareholders are also volunteers. Their shares do not grant dividends or appreciate, nor can they be sold. Every March, shareholders elect the board of directors at the annual general meeting. 

  • The Calgary Stampede is a not-for-profit organization and the Calgary Stampede Foundation is a non-profit registered charitable organization