Vilem Zach

Nutrien Western Event Centre

Original installation – 1987
Current installation - 2013

Bronze Sculpture

Bank of Montreal, Calgary Junior Chamber of Commerce/Jaycees, Calgary Stampede

About the Installation

This bronze was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Agriculture Exhibition (1886 – 1986) and is dedicated to Alberta farm families.

A land pioneered with strength and shaped with determination where the boundaries of doubt and inexperience have been overcome. A new family ponders their work as the warmth of achievement washes over them. A moment in time framed as a part of our heritage.

Within the base is a time capsule to be open in 2086. It contains memorabilia from the 1986 Calgary Stampede.

Did You Know?

  • Vilem Zach, both a sculptor and a painter, was inducted into the Calgary Stampede’s Western Art Show Hall of Fame 2010. Vilem is one of the original participants of the Western Art Show, and was chosen for the Hall of Fame for his detailed portraits that depict our western heritage.

  • Every year, the Calgary Stampede and BMO recognize outstanding farm families in southern Alberta. The awards program was created to promote a renewed urban-rural relationship and to recognize outstanding southern Alberta farm families who best typify the value of the family farmer to our society.