Richar Loffler

Downtown Calgary, 5th Avenue and 2nd Street SW


Bronze Sculpture

Calgary CFA Society, CFA Institute, TSX, TMX Venture Capital, ATB Corporate Financial Services, Bennett Jones, The Posse, Calgary Stampede

About the Installation

This heroic-sized sculpture honours Outlaw, one of the greatest athletes to ever perform at the Calgary Stampede. Outlaw had a legendary career in the world of rodeo, being ridden only twice for the full eight seconds in 71 trips out of the chute. And that day, that cowboy went home with first place prize money and the title of Calgary Stampede bull rider champion. Known for his intelligence and athleticism, Outlaw’s moves in the arena earned him the reputation of being one of the “rankest” bulls in the world of rodeo, but also one of the most respected.

At over 816 kilograms (1,800 pounds) and with 40-centimetre (16-inch) horns on either side of his head, the red-and-white speckled Brahma bull became known for a particular ritual. After bucking off his rider, he would shake his head at the cowboy’s hat and then quietly walk out of the arena.

Outlaw was named champion bull at the Canadian Finals Rodeo in 2002 and at the Calgary Stampede in 2003. On July 9, 2004, when he blasted out of the chute and triggered the famed closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange, he made history as the first animal to ever close that financial market, and it was the first time the bell had ever been rung outside the United States.

Outlaw was born in 1997, purchased by the Calgary Stampede in 1999, and died in 2004. He is buried at the Stampede Ranch.

This bronze depicts Outlaw at work; hindquarters kicked, danger emanating from his eyes, throwing his rider to the dirt as he finishes his roll and twist.

  • To get a qualifying score, the bull rider must stay on the bull eight seconds. Both the rider and the bull are scored

  • A bull rider is disqualified for touching the bull with his free hand or bucking off before the end of the eight-second ride

  • The Calgary Stampede's 22,000-acre Stampede Ranch near Hannah, AB supplies both bucking stock (both bull and horses) to rodeos throughout North America