Since 1979 the Calgary Stampede Queens’ Alumni have offered unique programming to children with disabilities in Calgary and the surrounding area.  Four to five events are organized annually and are made possible through the support of our sponsors and Stampede volunteer committees.

Giddy-Up Events are often organized alongside larger events (i.e. Aggie Days and the Calgary Stampede) but the Queens’ Alumni are able to host guests in the morning before these events commence.  As a result, our programs are private, free to attendees, and allow time, space and a gentle setting for children to explore the western program offerings and spirit of the Calgary Stampede.  Giddy-Up Events can range in size and capacity but there is typically something for every age group. Every attempt is made so these events are as friendly as possible for guests with mobility limitations.

The Stampede Queens’ Alumni maintain a private and protected contact list through which invitations are extended directly for these events.  Children and teens attending Giddy-Up programming are syndrome-based (e.g. Down Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, etc.). 

To inquire about our invitation list, please contact

Due to the popularity and uniqueness of these programs, pre-registration is required.

Giddy Up Events