Devin Fraser

Woodwind Coordinator

Devin, a skilled clarinetist, has dedicated 16 years of their life to mastering the art of playing the clarinet. With an exceptional musical talent and unwavering dedication, Devin has achieved remarkable accomplishments throughout their career. From the early stages of their musical journey, Devin became an integral part of several award-winning ensembles, showcasing their exceptional musicianship and contributing to the success of these groups. Their commitment to excellence and passion for music propelled them to new heights, gaining recognition for their outstanding performances.

In 2015, Devin embarked on a new chapter as an educator, joining the Calgary Round-up Band as a teacher. Eager to share their knowledge and love for the clarinet, they nurtured the talents of aspiring musicians, shaping the next generation of instrumentalists. Their dedication to teaching and their ability to inspire and motivate their students have earned them respect within the Calgary music community.

In 2019, Devin expanded their teaching career by joining the prestigious Calgary Stampede Showband. With their expertise and commitment to the craft, they quickly made an impact on the ensemble, helping to elevate the woodwind section's performance to new levels. Their exceptional leadership skills and ability to foster a collaborative and supportive environment led to their appointment as the woodwind coordinator in 2022. 

Devin continues to be an influential figure in the Calgary music scene, leaving an indelible mark on both the performers they have mentored and the audiences they have captivated. Their passion for music, coupled with their remarkable talent and dedication, make them a sought-after clarinetist and educator. 

Whether on stage, in the classroom, or behind the scenes, Devin is dedicated to sharing the beauty and power of music, leaving a lasting impact on the world of clarinet performance and education. Their journey as a musician and educator is a testament to their unwavering commitment to their craft and their profound love for music.

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